Our large stock inventory had added a lot to our paying high urgency of market requirements.Engraved its name with quality cable products, CAST – OMAN had the legacy of being an effective knowledge partner in the field of low current cables.Our strategic business alliance programs with reputed cable vendors and manufacturers had allowed us offer brilliant solutions, thus acting proactively to market innovations.Willing to support attitude of our sales engineers had made the difference, they providing the right solution for any cable application, whether it is control, instrumentation, fiber, data or low voltage…


Telecommunication division is specialized in structured cabling solutions, WIFI solutions, industrial switches and routers solutions.We are proud to be associated as authorized channel partner of world renowned brands – enabling us to give our esteemed clients end to end solutions – Design, Supply and Installation.


In 21st century, now homes are more technically sound to provide better comforts than even before to the residents.
CAST – OMAN is dedicated to provide solutions for HOME AUTOMATION since past 6 remarkable years.


To meet the client’s requirements in the field of Power Supply Distribution CAST – OMAN has created Power Division by joining hands with G-TEC a leading European brand.
G-TEC is one of the leading company in Europe in development of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). UPS by G-TEC are designed to ensure the top level of reliability.

The continuous technological development of computers and telecommunications, imposes high reliability and efficiency, particularly in environment as Data-Center, Server rooms, Data Bases, Banks, Hospitals and Industrial Controls, where the electrical continuity guarantees the utility quality. G-Tec would be the right solution to feed power to such critical equipment.


Serving dozens of markets across the globe, professionals rely on Belden’s unsurpassed reliability and product portfolio to satisfy unique system needs while creating world-class customer value.


customers count on the most for the best product performance and expert care and advice. Belden is a world class manufacturer of signal transmission products primarily for the healthcare.


Belden is a world class manufacturer of signal transmission products primarily for the entertainment, residential, industrial, security markets and in hospitality sector.


Professional broadcast, entertainment and broadband operations provisioning radio and TV networks, produc- tion studios, professional sound systems, and the cable TV Alarm, sound and security systems – commercial enter


The product portfolio includes an extensive selection of equipment and systems, observers to radio, lighting, blinds and temperature control systems all the way to the building management system KNX.